How to Prepare a Family Emergency Food Storage Plan

If you want to have emergency food storage but don’t know where to begin, or you can’t afford the purchased food storage plans available on the market, this is the book for you. It is designed to give the frugal homemaker or individual confidence to survive in the face of a crisis, prepared for emergencies with a store of nutritious and familiar foods.

Each of the seven chapters outlines one complete step in the process of setting up a food storage plan adapted for your family or for you as an individual. It is designed to take one chapter each week for seven weeks, and focus on a particular step in the journey.

There are many good ways to store emergency food. This book presents various methods, helping you to tailor a plan that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Over the years our family has stored much of our longer-term food supplies on a rotating system, storing foods we eat on a regular basis. This is our favorite method of storing emergency supplies, since it allows the stored food to be “freshened” after a time without any waste.

Most of our family’s stored foods are part of our daily diet, so in an emergency we don’t have the added stress of eating unfamiliar or undesirable food. Previously living in Central Florida, we have encountered prolonged power outages and damage to our home from hurricanes, but have been able to enjoy normal healthy foods without interruption.

This ebook describes how to develop a plan, organize space, list ingredients, calculate amounts, purchase staples and storage supplies, and assemble your food stores efficiently. When you are done you will enjoy the confidence of having your own food storage system in place for you or your family in a time of crisis.

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