How to Prepare a Family Emergency Food Storage Plan (ebook)

If you want to have emergency food storage but don’t know where to begin, or you can’t afford the purchased food storage plans available on the market, this is the book for you. It is designed to give the frugal homemaker or individual confidence to survive in the face of a crisis, prepared for emergencies with a store of nutritious and familiar foods. Read more…

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Bug-Out Bags

Years ago we made a list of basic provisions needed for three days in backpacks for each member of the family in the event that an emergency would force us to leave home at a moment’s notice. Here is the list.

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Disaster Preparation Checklist

After several surprise emergencies in our life, including some natural disasters and financial difficulties, we felt the need to have a plan in place to keep our family prepared for the unexpected. Click here to receive our free preparation checklist.