This page is a bit outdated…hope to be back soon with more recent photos.

2011 Moving to Our New Off-Grid Homestead

Late in the summer we began clearing palmettos for our living area and long lane

We “camped” temporarily till our tiny house was ready…the animals were outside the fence and we were inside.

Real country livin’

Riding Tess, our old Arabian mare

Twenty years ago he proposed and I said Yes!

A few weeks before Christmas we finally moved into our tiny house

Doing laundry

2011 Survival Practice

The Survivors – 2011

2010 On the Homestead and Survival Fun

Enjoying a newborn kid

Riding our mini horse, Summer

Father and son build new fence around our back yard to keep the critters out of our garden

Mashing wild black raspberries for jam

Friends in the barn

A view of our side yard/pasture

Riding Tess, our faithful old Arabian mare

Befriending an abandoned fawn

Holding baby chicks

Picking beans in the summer garden

Learning to fillet fish

Victorious hunters (one dove)

Transplanting tomato seedlings into pots for our fall garden

Father & daughter ready for dove hunting

Making applesauce

In the butterfly garden with Grandpa and Grandma

Family survival practice

Eating swamp cabbage (heart of a cabbage palm)

Cousins share the shelter they built

Starting a fire?

Cooking over the fire

Wilderness survival kitchen