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Our family in 2015 before moving to our new home. God blessed us with two children adopted from Kazakstan, two from Liberia, and two biological children.

Our family is in the middle of building a brand new sustainable homestead in a beautiful South American country, hoping to spread the Light of Jesus through our lifestyle. We used to live way out in the country in a tiny house on our 20 acre off-grid homestead in Florida. Through a series of events the Lord led us to sell almost everything and move to the southern hemisphere, far from family and friends that we love so much. But thanks to modern technology, we are able to stay in touch. And our lives here are rich in experiences, spiritual growth, and new relationships.

Over the years, our family became increasingly interested in sustainable living. It may have started with Y2K, but living through the aftermath of Hurricane Charley in 2003 confirmed our desire to learn to be more prepared for the unexpected. We include Bible reading, gardening, food storage, growing our own animal feed, learning off grid and old fashioned skills, survival training, and music in home educating our children, and are on the journey of learning to grow our own food year-round using a variety of intensive gardening methods.

In South America a simple lifestyle is normal, with a wealth of learning about living off the land. But modernization can mean the loss of traditional skills that have been passed down for generations, and sometimes a poverty mindset encourages choices which focus only on the needs of today, rather than counting costs for the future. We are partners with a faith-based organization which focuses on spreading the Gospel while practically demonstrating and teaching sustainable agriculture and simple appropriate technologies that improve living conditions (eg, rainwater harvesting, homemade rocket stoves, composting toilets, rotational grazing, no-till/no-burn gardening, etc). We are here on a mission, not with a mission board, but to live out the Great Commission where the Lord has placed us.

We hope to encourage you to live more simply, slowly, and sustainably, unshackled by materialism and the rat race. Our goal is to show the Love of Jesus to others while honoring our Creator as stewards of the relationships, time, material possessions, and opportunities He has entrusted us with.

Living ready includes preparing for spiritual, emotional, and physical difficulties that may come our way, but most of all being ready for eternity. We believe Jesus is the only Way to God and Eternal Life, and He as God’s Son paid the price for our sins by His death on the cross. Because of His Resurrection, we find reconciliation through Him with God and with each other. God gives wisdom through daily Bible reading and prayer as we seek to be available for Him to touch others through us. As our Protector He holds the future, so we are safe in the shelter of His will.

I write blog posts as Rose Petal, and my husband Silver Oak adds his thoughts as he edits them for me. To receive posts about life in the Southern Hemisphere on our new site click here, or sign up in the column on the right.


We hope you will join us in this journey, and that we can encourage each other as we go. God bless you with a lifestyle of living ready.

Rose Petal

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