One Year On the Off-Grid Homestead!

Our fall friend, Hillary, stands watch for us

Today marks one year since we moved out to our 20 acre homestead on our journey to a sustainable lifestyle. It’s hard to believe it’s gone so fast. Today we looked over all of our goals for the past year and set new ones for the coming year. Our goal was to be relatively sustainable by this fall. We have not accomplished all that we had hoped, but fall isn’t over yet.

We are so thankful to the Lord for all He provided and brought us through this year. He taught us a lot of lessons and we have seen His faithfulness many times. Last summer God graciously answered prayer by providing this property that met our precise requests. We made a very low offer with all the funds available, and the seller (bank) accepted. Amazing! That was enough confirmation that this was God’s place for us. In spite of moving ahead slowly when time and finances were tight this year, we have been so blessed to live debt free on our own homestead, and are living completely disconnected from the power grid.

Before moving we cleared enough palmettos for our living area and for a long 1/3-mile lane back to it. It was hot and rainy and miserable some days, but it finally got done. In the meantime we simplified our lives by selling and giving away many of our possessions we could do well without. We also set up a small shed that Silver Oak built during the summer with repurposed metal given to us by a customer. This was the first mini building to be placed. Close to it we placed a much larger shed that needed to be remodeled before it was usable, and a camper to live in until our tiny house was ready. Our dryer was installed (clothesline), the septic done, and a tank for storing water.

Endless clearing of stubborn palmettos

There was excavating for everyone!

And plenty of grunt work.

Clearing the long lane

The first building in place...Silver Oak's little shed

The camper waits for us to move in

Digging out palmettos to make way for the big shed

The big old shed is added

On moving day we brought what we had to have, leaving the rest in town in temporary storage. The chicken coop and milking parlor combination that Silver Oak had built in the spring was taken apart and reassembled the same day to accommodate our animals who moved with us. With the help of friends and family we got it all done!

The dismantled chicken coop and milking parlor is loaded and ready

The mess waits to be organized

I’ll be back in the coming days to share more memories and photos of our move off-grid and our first year!

When There is No Dentist, Part Two of ThreeBlessings,

When There is No Dentist, Part Two of Three

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30 thoughts on “One Year On the Off-Grid Homestead!

  1. Been a little while since I popped in to see what’s happening on your homefront. Can’t believe it’s been a year either! Wonderful to see all the progress and to hear the wonderful ways the Lord has met your needs and provided so. Continued blessings as you begin this next year : )


  2. Hey, Wow oh wow!! One year, what a reason to celebrate… we almost joined you for a late weekend. There’s a load to M but Dan’s week was too scheduled for us to be able to visit 😦 so we said maybe next time and please give us more notice. Just got Lincoln’s birth announcement please give them my congrats!! Would have loved to see them as well! so long


  3. What a wonderful journey. I enjoyed reading this!We are also trying to wean from all those excess items and sometimes purging is hard (but rewarding). We just rid ourselves of the toaster oven a few weeks back (even little items like this can be so liberating) and I love the extra space it afforded us as well! Have a wonderful week!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by. One thing I love about getting rid of extras is the dependency on the Lord that goes with it, and seeing Him provide just what we need so many times. It’s hard to let go, but, as you said, it is rewarding.


    • Now I find myself collecting a whole different set of stuff…like repurposed building materials and other things that can save lots of money developing a homestead. Thanks for stopping by!


    • As far as electrical power, we’ve never been connected to the grid here on this homestead. If you mean being totally independent of anything such as cell phones and computers, I’m not sure. But hopefully by next year we’ll be producing most of our food here ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement.


  4. Just read your blog and we are going move on our own property come Feb. or March.I adore reading about people who are making a difference in their life by doing what you are doing.We decided because of the economy and our health.Please post updates.


    • I am so happy for you! I will definitely post updates and I hope you keep us posted on your progress as well. It is soooo encouraging to know of others doing something similar to what we are doing.


  5. Congratulations Rose Petal and Silver Oak… on one amazing year!
    Your post was the most read on last weeks Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!
    Thank you for all you share each week and keep up the good work!


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