When There is No Dentist, Part Two of Three

Prickly Pear Cactus grows almost anywhere and is a natural refrigerant, useful for fevers and inflammation.

Part one of this series can be read here.

I was recently reminded that serious infections must be fought in at least three ways. The first is prayer.   When There is No Dentist, Part Two of Three The second is fighting it locally (or externally), and the third is attacking it internally. These should be continued two days after symptoms disappear to make sure the infection is completely gone. That is easier said than done, because after an intense battle with infection we want to relax and move on to something else as soon as we start feeling better. But the cost can be high.

When Silver Oak’s infection seemed to be gone less than 24 hours after using prickly pear cactus, crushed garlic and other things, he stopped treating it too soon, and the infection and toothache returned worse than before. Now we had to be more aggressive than ever if we wished to do it without drugs or a dentist.

The prickly pear wedge was no longer enough to fight the growing infection, so I made a poultice for the outside of his cheek which covered a much larger area than a wedge could. I cut the cactus pads in half the long way and scraped out the gel. The goopy slimy stuff was placed on a paper towel and plastered against Silver Oak’s face, covering the entire jaw area around the infected tooth. It was tied on with a long strip of cotton wrapped around his head. He looked quite a case!

Cutting the cactus pad in half after removing the spines

The inside of a pad cut in half

Scraping the inside with a fork to remove the gel

Scraping the other direction to break it up more

The loosened gel with the skin underneath

The slimy gel was placed on a paper towel...

...and applied to the cheek, jaw, and upper neck area.

Poultices are slow acting so must be applied about eight hours to be effective. In the meantime time Silver Oak kept his teeth brushed with tooth powder after every meal as mentioned in the last post, and we kept his “holey” tooth packed with crushed garlic. We repacked it every several hours, using a Q-tip to press it into the hole. We mixed cayenne powder into the garlic packing to help fight infection and stimulate circulation and encourage faster healing to the area.

Silver Oak could feel the drawing effect of the poultice at times. Making poultices kept us busy hunting down more prickly pear, scraping off the needles, and mashing fresh batches. It was a bit of work for several days, but it really helped reduce the visible swelling on his jaw. At first, if he went for any period of time without a poultice, the swelling and ache would return.

Wearing a poultice in this way is a "pain," but not nearly so much pain as a bad toothache and what a dentist may have to do

In addition to the poultices Silver Oak began taking 2 oz of ionic silver three times per day. Ionic silver is a powerful weapon against bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. We purchase ours by the gallon from Galen Yoder at Nature’s Defense (to order by the gallon contact him, and no, we don’t make any commission on sales :)). It is hard to estimate the value of keeping a generous supply of ionic silver on hand in the face of possible epidemics or other medical emergencies. It has an indefinite shelf life if stored in a cool, dark place (and we’ve heard the FDA is trying to take it off the market…???).

Another very powerful routine Silver Oak began was oil pulling, which fought the infection locally and internally. We are impressed with the results as we learn to use this idea more. At least once each day he swished one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil (other oils will work but coconut is superior) in his mouth along with a few drops of cinnamon, clove, and other essential oils. He pulled this mixture through his teeth and swished it for 20 minutes before spitting it out. This pulled toxins out through the bloodstream in the mucous membranes. Twenty minutes is necessary to mix the oil thoroughly with germ-killing saliva, making a powerful pathogen killer duo.

The white foamy liquid filling his mouth was spit out, but not down the drain. The extracted toxins dared not be swallowed, and coconut oil solidifies and can clog plumbing, so it works best to expel it into the trash.

After three days of consistently using prickly pear poultices, garlic and cayenne packing, oil pulling, ionic silver, garlic and vitamin C capsules, refraining from sugars, and keeping his teeth cleaned, Silver Oak was again free of pain, swelling, and infection. This time when he went back to work he remembered to use the items I packed for him. He discontinued the poultice so he could work, and after a few days of no symptoms he stopped everything else. Since that time (over six weeks) he has had no signs of recurring infection.

So, if we had it all to do over again, what would we skip and what would we do for sure to get rid of the infection? And what will we do to make sure the infection won’t return to a compromised tooth without going to the dentist for a filling or a crown? More in part three coming soon!

When There is No Dentist, Part One of Three Blessings,

When There is No Dentist, Part One of Three

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