The Off-Grid Tea

So pretty

It actually started on the grid, but ended off.  It had been a long time since we’d had a ladies’ tea with Grandma and the cousins, so when the men and boys had their father-son outing for Father’s Day a few weeks ago we decided this was our chance.

My five lovely ladies ready for tea

My mom (Grandma) adds the finishing touches

Grandma (my mom) went all out and hosted the event at their little 5 acre farm near town, and my five girls and I and my sister-in-law and her five girls were there for tea.  Of course the fancy hats and gloves and dress-up gowns and shawls were pulled out of their storage places in the big shed for the event.  The pictures tell it all.

Finally it’s time to start

So many goodies!

Little Bird


Honey Bun


Evensong & Cousin

After the last drop of tea washed down all the delicate goodies that were served, we cleaned everything up and gathered in the living room to watch “Little Women.”  It was during the video that it began to storm and the power suddenly went out. For most people that would mean the video was ended, ready or not.  But my dad has an alternative power system that powers part of their house all the time and is ready for an emergency (wonder where we got it?).

We continued with our video for some time until suddenly everything went black.  Fortunately by this time the father-son outing was over and my dad was home.  He realized he had forgotten to unhook the charger cable and the inverter had gotten too hot trying to charge the batteries with battery power (make sense?).  When the inverter got too hot a safety feature made it kick off, and we were completely without power, even with an alternative system.

Then I had a funny thought.  How ironic that we came to town for the tea party where everyone is hooked to the grid.  The grid went out, so the whole neighborhood was out of power.  But out at our off-grid homestead we still had power.  Since we are off the grid we could have continued to watch our video if we had been there!

My five lovely ladies and me

Well, my dad’s inverter did cool down and we were able to finish the video after a bit.  And come to think of it, back in “the old days” lovely ladies had tea regularly with no power, because there was no such thing as ”the grid.”


Get Real Get Prepared

16 thoughts on “The Off-Grid Tea

  1. oh how beautiful. i want to have a tea party oh so terribly. ive never had one. actually i dont own a real tea set. but hopefully in the future lord willing. 🙂


    • Sometimes you can find bits and pieces at garage sales and thrift stores. Bits and pieces of similar color and style can sometimes be prettier than an actual set. I hope it works out for you soon! 🙂


  2. Rose Petal that looks like such a special time for all and so cool that you did it all off grid too! I can barely get things done on grid 😉

    I bet your girls just so enjoyed it too and so nice Grandma was there to be a part of it too!

    Thanks so much for linking up this week to “The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post”.


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