What Does the Future Hold?

Our house out in the "boonies," built in the 40's (photo taken before hard freezes the past two winters killed off the hedge along the driveway)

I have not written for a few days because our family is going through some decision-making right now that is taking a bit of concentration.  We recently learned we must move from this wonderful place out in the middle of nowhere.  The quiet and peaceful natural setting we have enjoyed here is something we will greatly miss if we can’t find something similar.  But every time our family has moved, it has been to a place better than the one before, so we must trust that the Lord has something better for us.

We have been caretaking this house and 10+ acres for 6 ½ years for the owner who lives in a neighboring town, but now his daughter and family want to move down from TN and live here.  We knew it would happen someday.  There is no deadline yet, but we are preparing by looking into all the alternatives available.  Moving a family of eight with chickens, goats, a horse, dog and two cats will be no easy feat!

We don’t know what the future holds for us right now; but then, who does?  We can study what HAS happened and what IS happening, and try to predict what WILL happen.  But God alone knows for sure.  It pays to stay close to Him in these uncertain times, and recognize His voice when He gives direction.

Whatever the future holds, God wants us to trust Him and not be afraid.  “Behold, God is my salvation (deliverance); I will trust and not be afraid.”  Isa. 12:2a  When we hear predictions of gloom and doom, it can be tempting to react in fear, or just live in denial.  Facing the uncertain possibilities knowing that the Lord is our Protector and Provider can help us to prepare for what might happen using wisdom and leading from Him.

Surviving Holey Socks

View from our living room window


2 thoughts on “What Does the Future Hold?

  1. It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since this post. Which is why I’m replying…What is happening? Do you have to move? I’d love to know where your thoughts are going for the future…your CO babysitter:)


    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to answer your question. 🙂 Yes, the daughter of the owner of this house lives in another state with her husband and new baby, and he is being transfered to FL and they want this place! We knew it would happen sometime, so now is evidently the time. We are looking forward to the “better” place God must have for us. We’re not sure what the future holds…there are some possibilities shaping up, but big hurdles to jump for things to work out. As we have seen before, our God is the God of the impossible!


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