Off the Grid! Part Two

Sometime soon after the wind started to blow and the rain began pounding horizontally on our walls and windows, the power went out.  This time it was out for 13 days.  Were we glad for the preparations we had made?

During the storm one of the unboarded windows trapped rainwater between it and the screen, causing water to gush into the bedroom.  While we were tending to that mess, one of our massive live oak trees lost some huge limbs which fell onto the roof of our garage, taking a tall palm tree with it.  The palm tree missed the garage, and evidently broke the fall of the oak limbs enough to prevent much damage.  It did, however, break a garage window which had to be blocked immediately to prevent more water and wind damage.

When the storm ended the late afternoon sun came back out, smiling cheerfully on the absolute chaos around our house.  It was impossible to get a vehicle out or even walk around our house with large tree limbs and debris everywhere.  We stared in amazement at the change in appearance in our landscaping.  The huge live oaks were still standing, but completely thinned out.

We gathered our wits and thanked the Lord for his protection!  We had a lot of work ahead of us, as well as figuring out how we were going to make dinner, do chores, shower, and prepare for the night with alternate power.  To be continued

Getting Started

PS. If you missed Part One, click here.


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