Off the Grid!

Remember the tropical storm that hit us in 2001?  Well, after that we decided to make sure we were always prepared with a few things like water and alternative lighting in case we faced something like that again.  Experience is a good teacher.  Sure enough, in 2004 soon after we moved out here to our hole in the country, we faced an even bigger challenge:  Hurricane Charley! We had the usual items recommended for hurricane season like extra batteries, fuel for the generator and propane for our camp stove.  We had clean five-gallon buckets to store water, jugs of drinking water, extra food supplies, and a weather radio.  This house has tons of windows, and it seemed over-zealous to purchase plywood to cover them all, but when we heard Charley might be coming fairly close we decided to get enough to cover at least all three sides that would be hit the hardest according to the path he seemed to be taking.

To make a long story short, we boarded up and then heard that Charley had suddenly changed course and was headed almost straight in our direction, but south rather than north of us!  That meant that the side most directly affected by wind was not boarded up!  It was too late to do much but pray.  As the wind and rain descended we secured all the animals, brought all loose objects into the garage and locked it shut.  Our tub of basic supplies and a few games as well as a tub of family photos and keepsakes were in the hallway which is the most sheltered part of our house.

When the 120mph winds hit our house, we forgot about the tub of supplies and games in the frenzy of trying to keep the torrents of water and falling trees out of the house.  It was a spectacular display!  One that is fun to remember, but we don’t want to repeat.  More tomorrow.

Getting Started


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